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     Foreign Exchange Reference Rates
Euro Foreign Exchange Reference Rates as at: 17.01.2019.
All currencies quoted against the euro
(base currency)
   Note: The quoted rates shall apply
   as of 00:00h, 18.01.2019.
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Euro area

   Euro area countries
Countries that are not members of the euro area but use euro

Official member of euro area:

 The Netherlands

Countries that are not member of the EU and euro area but use euro:

 San Marino

Purchase of DEM banknotes and coins as well as the purchase of banknotes of other currencies from the euro area is performed only by the Central Bank of Montenegro, according to the exchange rates set by the European Central Bank as at 1 January 2002. (Decision on detailed conditions and the manner of conducting exchange transactions, OGM No 27/11).

To purchase other currencies banknotes from the euro area, the Central Bank charges a fee amounting to 10% of the nominal amount that is exchanged, expressed in EUR.

(From the Decision on Determining Tariff for Calculating Fees Charged for the Central Bank of Montenegro Services “OGM” No 29/11)

Country Table of unchangeable exchange rates for EUR


Deutsch mark 1,95583
Belgian frank 40,3399
Spanish peseta 166,386
French frank 6,55957
Irish pound 0,787564
Italian lira 1936,27
Dutch gulden 2,20371
Austrian shilling 13,7603
Portuguese escudo 200,482
Finnish mark 5,94573
Greek drachma 340,750

For more information on exchange rates please visit respective web-sites of the central banks. You can find the list of all sites of the central banks on the following address


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