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Freedom of Information

With a view to raising awareness on activities and the role of the Central Bank as an important institution in the system, the CBM pays particular attention to informing both domestic and international public on its activities, objectives and business results. Thus it contributes to promoting economic knowledge in the society and better understanding of importance of the Central Bank as an independent and responsible institution and its role in maintaining monetary and financial stability and soundness of the banking system.

The Central Bank continuously pursues new ways of communication in order to increase transparency and availability of information to all interested parties. To that end, cooperation with the media is of special importance for the Central Bank. The CBM public relations are focused on providing information on inflation, monetary and financial stability, the banking system performance, as well as overall macroeconomic situation in Montenegro. Full cooperation with the media helped in raising the level of general understanding of these issues and encouraging the public to face emerging implications and changes.

Open and effective communication is the Central Bank’s priority, meaning that not only those in charge of public relations, but all its employees regularly answer to numerous questions raised by journalists, inquiries and comments from the public on all aspects of the Bank’s actions by furnishing the requested data, comments and clarifications. In addition, the CBM regularly publishes press releases and organizes regular press conferences to explain, inter alia, relevant findings of research, economic growth and macroeconomic forecasts. The public is regularly informed about decisions passed by the CBM Council, the Central Bank governing body, given in the form of statements available at the web page

The Central Bank of Montenegro also informs the public about its activities in guest appearances of its officials in electronic media, given interviews, statements, comments, participation at numerous domestic and international professional congresses and conferences, and via its website. The Bank’s website is continuously developing to additionally contribute to the Bank’s transparency and increasing of the public’s awareness. Through its publications, speeches and website the Central Bank promotes the understanding of the current monetary policy framework, market trends and analysis of other relevant aspects of the Bank’s operations. Publications issued by the Central Bank are available on its website, these being the Chief Economist’s quarterly and annual reports,  monthly bulletins, inflation reports, financial reports, reports on banks` operations, including professional publications and research authored by the CBM employees. The Central Bank’s publications are also available in hard copy in both Montenegrin and English.

The Central Bank also shows social responsibility through contributing its funds and resources to support the society and participating in numerous social events, thus confirming its role of a financial institution assisting in the development of all national resources.




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